Olympic Kitchen


All Day CrossFit Partnered with Olympic Kitchen

No time to cook? Don’t want to clean? Hate the crowds at the grocery store? Let us help you solve all 3 and earn that Olympic Gold body! Our clean and healthy prepared meals are carefully measured and calculated, giving your body the fuel it needs to live it’s gold medal life! Every meal has macros and calories calculated to help you improve and achieve your nutritional desires. Need something a little more customized or interested in trying a specific diet (i.e. Ketogenic, paleo, etc.)? We can do that too! Our founders have collectively lost 150 lbs by putting nutrition first!


The benefits of a meal prep service within All Day CrossFit:

  • Capability to cater to your specific dietary needs
  • Weekly delivery to All Day CrossFit
  • Eating delicious foods while growing a local business
  • All of your nutrition, fitness, and meal prep needs are all in one place!

Visit the Olympic Kitchen Website to place an order!