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High​ ​Fiber Pumpkin Spice​ ​Waffle Recipe

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High​ ​Fiber Pumpkin Spice​ ​Waffle     Ingredients ● 4 GG Bran Scandinavian Crispbread Crackers ● 9 tbsp(s) egg whites ● 1 packet, Truvia Sweetner ● 1 tsp, Vanilla Extract ● 1⁄2 tsp, Cinnamon Spice ● 1⁄4 cup Pumpkin, raw (canned) ● Non-stick cooking spray of choice Preparation 1. Turn​ ​waffle​ ​maker​…

Thruster Fix: Eliminate the Early Press

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Thruster Fix: Eliminate the Early Press Timing is everything when it comes to barbell cycling a thruster! [embed][/embed] The Early Press A common fault that I have seen super constantly is pressing the barbell off of the shoulders before reaching full extension through the legs; i.e. performing a core-to-extremity violation. This…