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Foam Rolling: The Lats

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Foam Rolling: The Lats

As a CrossFitter, your lats are probably one of the most overused muscles in your body. How many times have you even thought of stretching or rolling your lats after 100 or so pull-ups? Having trouble reaching a good overhead position? You probably have tight lats. The solution, of course, is to roll them out and stretch them.

  • Start by laying on your side with the foam roller perpendicular to your body.
  • Reach out with your arm as if you were swimming the sidestroke.
  • Jam the foam roller into your armpit and start rolling down toward the base of your scapula.
  • Stop at any hot spots you run into and wait for the tissue to release. Don’t just passively roll over them you sissy.

Follow up the foam rolling with some lat stretching. Try to work these mobility drills into your pre- or post-workout routine and you’ll be well on your way toward becoming a better athlete.