Why All Day CrossFit?


We realize there are lots of options here in the Heights and at the end of the day you should choose what fits you best!  Here are some of the features that we feel separates us-   


All Day CrossFit Nutrition Program:

Nutrition is a key factor in your overall fitness, which is why we offer a wide range of nutritional services ranging from our nutritional blog posts to weekly consultations with a registered dietitian. Interested in hearing more? CLICK HERE.

In-house Pre-made meal service:

Our coach, Carley Freer, runs a meal prep service and delivers her meals to the gym weekly. Every meal has macros and calories calculated to help you improve and achieve your nutritional desires. Need something a little more customized or interested in trying a specific diet (i.e. Ketogenic, paleo, etc.)? They can do that too! Check them out at www.olympickitchen.com 

Our Programming:

We understand that every individual has different health and fitness goals and one workout program may not fit all, which is why we program a bit differently. Interested in reading more? CLICK HERE

 Small Community:

We are not interested in packing our classes to full capacity. Our goal beyond anything else is to ensure that you are getting the personal attention needed to monitor technique, help you reach your personal goals, and get all of your questions answered while getting to know your community. 

Large Facility:

All Day CrossFit is 5,000 SF with plenty of room to perform your workout. You won’t have to worry about lack of equipment or bumping into your neighbor here!


It is challenging to find the perfect work/life balance. Our hope is to provide everyone with the opportunity to get that quick workout in without having to run home and shower. Bring your work clothes, makeup, and whatever else you need to get ready before starting your day.


One of the best things about CrossFit is the community aspect. The intimate group atmosphere allows you to meet new people in your community which typically also results in a feeling of motivation to attend class. It’s a win/win! At All Day, we really like each other and sometimes the one hour of class just isn’t enough. We try to provide at least one event per month for our community to attend with the sole purpose of chatting and having fun.